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Role Profiles at our Shopping Centers

Role Profiles

Talented management teams are in place at every Taubman shopping center and are led by a seasoned General Manager. From there, we have on-site professionals in key areas, including marketing/sponsorship, facilities management, specialty leasing and financial coordination.


Al Lara
Facilities Director
Dolphin Mall - Miami, Florida
Joined Taubman in 2008

Al Lara -- Dolphin Mall.jpg

“The Taubman culture is based on the belief that any goal is achievable if we go after it together. It’s refreshing to know that if I have a challenge I can reach out to anyone in the company for assistance and the response will always be, ‘How can we help?' No roadblocks, no unnecessary hierarchy, just help.

Here at Dolphin Mall our management team is like an extended family. And there isn’t a merchant I don’t talk with at least once a week, and our shoppers sense a deep feeling of community when they walk through the center. One example of our commitment to our employees is the English language classes we’ve provided to Spanish-speaking staff. Those classes have helped many individuals get their U.S. citizenship, and that in turn helps their families. It’s just another way we get things done together.”

Ralph Barnes
General Manager
Beverly Center - Los Angeles, California
Joined Taubman in 2008

Ralph-Barnes----Beverly-Center.jpg“For Taubman, people are the company’s most important investment. And that’s reinforced by our supportive culture that values teamwork, nurtures communication and recognizes everyone’s contributions. It’s an environment that encourages you to grow. As the general manager of Beverly Center, I understand the standards that set us apart, but I also feel completely comfortable picking up the phone to get the support I need from anyone in the company.

To me the Taubman brand stands for much more than developing and operating superior properties within our industry. It also represents our loyalty to customers, retailers and employees. In my view, those are all important parts of our continuing success.”

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