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Robert S. Taubman, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Robert S. Taubman

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

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Simon J. Leopold, Senior Vice President, Capital Markets and Treasurer

Simon J. Leopold

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

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William S. Taubman, Chief Operating Officer

William S. Taubman

Chief Operating Officer

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Denise A. Anton, Senior Vice President, Center Operations

Denise A. Anton

Executive Vice President, Center Operations

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Jong Chow, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Research

Jong Chow

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Research and Chief Strategy Officer

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Chris B. Heaphy, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Chris B. Heaphy

General Counsel and Executive Vice President, Legal

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David S. Joseph II, Senior Vice President, Leasing

David S. Joseph II

Executive Vice President, Leasing

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Stephen J. Kieras, Senior Vice President, Development

Stephen J. Kieras

Executive Vice President, Development

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Holly A. Kinnear

Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer

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Michael L. Osment

Senior Vice President, Information Technology and Chief Technology Officer

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Rene Tremblay, President, Taubman Asia

René Tremblay

President, Taubman Asia

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